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F12 Alpha test compose test status


You may have seen Liam's request for install test assistance with the
recent F12-Alpha test compose [1].  Thank you for pitching in!  Test
results have helped provide data to assess the health of F-12-Alpha.

Given that today (2009-08-05) is the scheduled date to compose a
F12-Alpha candidate compose, a summary of current efforts against the
test compose is in order.

Test execution progress to date:
      * All tier#1 tests have been executed, excluding:
              * Live media installs
              * All ppc tests (currently blocked, see #515555 below)
      * A mix of remaining tier#2 and tier#3 tests executed

So far, testing has resulted in the following additions to the F12Alpha
blocker bug [2]:

      * 499854 - NEW - filedescriptor out of range in select()   
      * 513879 - ASSIGNED - Rawhide anaconda not using correct gtk
      * 515091 - MODIFIED - rescue mode fails: not all arguments
        converted; open("/etc/mtab", ... 
      * 515472 - MODIFIED - f12 alpha system can not reboot 
      * 515555 - NEW - F-12-Alpha-TC - There was an error installing the
      * 515564 - NEW - Physical media installs fail -
        storage.errors.FSError: mountpoint does not exist 
      * 515585 - NEW - CD Install fails to eject cdrom - WARNING: error
        ejecting cdrom sr0: (5, 'Input/output error') 
      * 515695 - MODIFIED - FAIL - installer image sanity test -
        missing .treeinfo and images 

Testing continues as does defect analysis.  However, with the
information available, the above issues were deemed important enough to
warrant review as F12Alpha blockers.



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