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Re: F12 Alpha test compose test status

James Laska said the following on 08/05/2009 02:26 PM Pacific Time:

You may have seen Liam's request for install test assistance with the
recent F12-Alpha test compose [1].  Thank you for pitching in!  Test
results have helped provide data to assess the health of F-12-Alpha.

Given that today (2009-08-05) is the scheduled date to compose a
F12-Alpha candidate compose, a summary of current efforts against the
test compose is in order.

Test execution progress to date:
      * All tier#1 tests have been executed, excluding:
              * Live media installs
              * All ppc tests (currently blocked, see #515555 below)
      * A mix of remaining tier#2 and tier#3 tests executed

So far, testing has resulted in the following additions to the F12Alpha
blocker bug [2]:

* 499854 - NEW - filedescriptor out of range in select() * 513879 - ASSIGNED - Rawhide anaconda not using correct gtk theme * 515091 - MODIFIED - rescue mode fails: not all arguments converted; open("/etc/mtab", ... * 515472 - MODIFIED - f12 alpha system can not reboot * 515555 - NEW - F-12-Alpha-TC - There was an error installing the bootloader. * 515564 - NEW - Physical media installs fail - storage.errors.FSError: mountpoint does not exist * 515585 - NEW - CD Install fails to eject cdrom - WARNING: error ejecting cdrom sr0: (5, 'Input/output error') * 515695 - MODIFIED - FAIL - installer image sanity test - missing .treeinfo and images
Testing continues as does defect analysis.  However, with the
information available, the above issues were deemed important enough to
warrant review as F12Alpha blockers.



This may potentially be a bug against the paravirt install test for Fedora 12. Not sure whether it is a Fedora 12 (guest) or RHEL (dom0) problem so it was suggested I start by filing it against RHEL.



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