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Deltaisos for F12 Alpha?

Any chance that DVD deltaisos could be made available in the Fedora
development process (with the F12 Alpha TC as the starting point) since
the i686 rebuild and the switch to XZ payloads is now complete, and the
F11 version of rpm now has XZ support?  I realize that rsync was tried
and failed, but unlike rsync, disos have been successfully used in
OpenSUSE development for years - for example


and they work equally well on any RPM-based Linux distro such as Fedora.
 The disos for the F11 RC DVDs were typically about 5% of the size of
the full ISOs.  This can allow testers to get the images and provide
feedback several hours sooner.  The syntax for both creating and using
them is trivial:

makedeltaiso oldiso newiso deltaiso

applydeltaiso oldiso deltaiso newiso

as are the man pages for both commands.  There is a mistake in the F11
man page description for applydeltaiso which has been fixed in Rawhide,
and in any case shouldn't cause too much trouble, since the one-line
Synopsis is correct and that's all one needs to know.

Currently the alt.fedoraproject.org server has a directory for each of
the three DVD images, each of which contains two files, the ISO and the
corresponding CHECKSUM file.  One deltaiso could be generated and put in
each of these directories.  The CHECKSUM file wouldn't have to change
since it's only necessary to verify the output ISO.

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