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Power down of monitor occurs during active use

I am running a fully F11 x86_64 will all updates from updates testing
except those that fail dependency checks (clips and rubygem).  

In the last couple of days I have noticed that screen shutdown has begun
behaving incorrectly.  The screen will go into power save while I am
typing or moving the mouse.  It seems to occur, as near as I can recall,
when the monitor has gone into screen save mode, but isn't yet in power
down mode.  If I then activate the screen again, when the time for the
power down happens, it goes into the power down even though the screen
is active.  Waving the mouse or continuing to type brings it back to
active status.

I have recently lowered my times for screen save and power down, as I
ran some tests for someone for whom they weren't functioning.  Maybe it
has been here all along, and I just never noticed.

What should I open a bugzilla against?

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