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Re: Alpha/Beta/GA blocker criteria?

On 08/08/2009 02:52 PM, Allen Kistler wrote:
Are there any differences about what constitutes a blocker for the
different cycles (e.g., alpha vs. beta)? One general basis would be
different objectives for how much needs to work for the different
pre-releases. I looked around, but I didn't find anything documented.

Part of what started me looking is that anaconda appears to be unable to
reuse existing ext filesystems when choosing custom layout on my test
machines. (I like to reuse /boot for multi-booting.) How big a deal
should that be for alpha, given that most early testing would involve
blowing a drive away and starting from scratch?

BZ 513104 for those interested.

I setup with multiple 200-400 mb partitions to test various incarnations of fedora and other distros. Sometimes, not often, I use a boot partition for two distros as long as I know that the file names are different and I keep a grub copy (or menu.lst) with a different name to fall back on.

As for custom layout, I would like to be able to do one. Haven't since 11 alpha.

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