Verification of MODIFIED F12Alpha blocker bugs

James Laska jlaska at
Sun Aug 9 23:35:48 UTC 2009

Hey folks,

Quite a good bit of testing performed this past week against F-12-Alpha test compose [1]!  The F12Alpha blocker list still has 1 test blocker (bug#516304) preventing composition of an Alpha candidate.  The list also contains several MODIFIED bugs.  As we wait for the Alpha Candidate compose, I encourage testers to help verify fixes for MODIFIED [2] bugs on the F12Alpha list.  At the time of this message, the list [3] consists of:

499854 - ASSIGNED - filedescriptor out of range in select()
513879 - MODIFIED - Rawhide anaconda not using correct gtk theme
515091 - MODIFIED - rescue mode fails: not all arguments converted; open("/etc/mtab", ...
515410 - MODIFIED - f12 anaconda mouse was not initialized during installation on stage 2
515472 - MODIFIED - f12 alpha system can not reboot
515555 - MODIFIED - F-12-Alpha-TC - mkofboot doesn't return the proper exit code
515564 - MODIFIED - Physical media installs fail - storage.errors.FSError: mountpoint does not exist
515905 - NEW - Boot F-12-Alpha CD using kickstart with nfs repository fails
516144 - MODIFIED - Anaconda installing kernel-smp.ppc - expecting kernel.ppc64 kernel
516168 - MODIFIED - Traceback while initializing disks
516304 - NEW - Traceback at end of install

There is a go/no_go meeting planned for Monday afternoon (EDT) to decide whether conditions are ready to proceed as planned with F-12-Alpha.  Having MODIFIED bugs verified helps reduce the number of unanswered questions going into that meeting.  Feel free to stop on by #fedora-qa to share your findings real time.

Thanks for pitching in!


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