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More on Nouveau and Dell 24 inch monitor

The Nvidia 9600gt on my system has two DVI connectors.
I don't know which is the prime and which is secondary.
Until Nouveau and modeset it didn't matter.

With the Dell 24 inch monitor connected to the top
(furthest from the motherboard) connector, the
Nouveau modeset would come up with a scan rate the
Dell monitor would not display.

Today I discovered that connecting the Dell's DVI cable to
the lower connector and the Dell's VGA to the top connector
(with an adapter) causes Nouveau to display on the screen.

Unfortunately for dramatic purposes today's Nouveau
goes black and/or halts when the X server starts.

It is my suspicion that my experiences with Nouveau
modeset may become widespread when Fedora 12 gets
a wider exposure during beta testing or release.

Chuck Forsberg    caf omen com   www.omen.com   503-614-0430
Developer of Industrial ZMODEM(Tm) for Embedded Applications
  Omen Technology Inc      "The High Reliability Software"
10255 NW Old Cornelius Pass Portland OR 97231   FAX 629-0665

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