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Re: New BugZapper Introduction

On 08/12/2009 03:35 PM, Akshay Dua wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am happy to be joining the Fedora Bug Zappers team. I have been
using Linux as the only OS on my laptop since 2004. I switched between
many distributions (Suse, Debian, Mandrake) before I settled on Ubuntu
in 2006. Since then, I have mainly been filing bugs in Launchpad.
However, I recently switched to F11 and was really happy to see how
much more responsive it was and how fast it booted.

I want to start triaging bugs because I want to understand what kind
of problems exist in Fedora today. Eventually, my goal is to fix bugs,
but I thought knowing and working with them first will be very

My name is Akshay Dua and I am a Ph.D. student at Portland State
University. I worked in industry for a few years before I went back to
school and so I have a decent programming background. I have mainly
programmed in C, C++, Java, and Perl.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you,

- Akshay

Hello Akshay, welcome to the bugzappers. Adam Williamson should be contacting you about membership approval.

(I will borrow Adam's introduction)

"We've just updated the list of components which we'd like
BugZappers to work on as a priority, so there's lots available. The list


we'd recommend you pick a component from that list that you feel
comfortable working on, then contact its maintainer to say you'll be
working on triaging it, and ask if they have any tips or special
requests. Then read:


To see how the process works (I know that looks like a lot of pages, but
several of them are pretty short, and they all work together). Please do
join #fedora-bugzappers and ask if you have any questions or problems,
there's usually another team member around who can help you out. Thanks
a lot for volunteering your time! Do come out to the next meeting -
they're Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC - if you have the time, and we can welcome
you there."

Again, welcome.

Edward (irc TK009)

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