2009-08-13 NetworkManager Test Day report

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Fri Aug 14 21:25:23 UTC 2009

We're going to try and be more organized about doing Test Day follow-ups
this cycle, so here goes!

Yesterday was the NetworkManager Test Day[1]. The Test Day was well
attended and very active; we thank the community members and Red Hat QA
team members who showed up, and the two DanWs (Williams and Winship) for
representing the development side. The full results matrix can be seen
on the Wiki page, but here's a report of all the bugs filed as a result
of the Test Day and their current status:

517243 NEW  - X nouveau livecd hangs on x86_64 machine
517228 NEW  - f12 rawhide networkmanager icon does not display
517253 NEW  - add new provider into Mobile broadband provider database
517294 NEW  - Connection established (got IP address) with wrong DNS configuration, and NetworkManager applet tray icon kept connecting status.
517270 NEW  - Warning when plugging in Nokia E71 via USB
517255 ASSIGNED  - network settings can't recognize ipv6 address
517229 ASSIGNED  - Network connection is stopped after service Networkmanager was stopped
517333 CLOSED RAWHIDE - NetworkManager stops already working network when starting
517242 CLOSED DUPLICATE - eth0 works fine but can't find it nor edit.
517267 CLOSED DUPLICATE - 2009-08-13 test day QA:Testcase_NetworkManager_assume failure
515797 CLOSED UPSTREAM - smoltSendProfile traceback

note that doesn't say whether they're in needinfo or not, it's not
straightforward to retrieve that information.

As this is the first time, I shall post for the group's amusement /
horror the command used to derive this list. It's run on a saved copy of
the Test Day page. Working out all the ways this could go wrong is left
as an exercise for the reader!

grep show_bug\.cgi\?id=[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] test_day_nm.html -o | sort -u | cut -d= -f 2 | tr '\n' ',' | xargs bugzilla query --outputformat="%{bug_id} %{bug_status} %{resolution} - %{short_desc}" -b

Adam Williamson
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