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Re: initrd-generic?

2009/8/16 Allen Kistler <an037-ooai8 yahoo com>
For the first time in a while, I've gotten rawhide to install.  Upon booting, I noticed there's an extra initrd, named initrd-generic, in /boot.  Plus it's huge by classic initrd standards.

What is it?  How is it intended to be used?  I haven't found much on it other than dracut generates it.

Does mkinitrd still generate the regular initrd, but dracut generates initrd-generic?  If so, then we've got both so we can test the dracut "generic" version and have something to fall back on if it's screwed up, true?  I did an @core installation, which does not currently include dracut (even if it ever will), so the "generic" initrd seems to come straight out of the kernel rpm.

I unpacked the "generic" version to have a quick look at it.  I haven't examined it closely to see exactly why it's 5 or 6 times bigger, but it's certainly got a lot more directories.  So does "generic" mean it's not custom made at rpm install time, but instead at rpm package generation time?  From the fp.o [[Dracut]] page, it *seems* the intention is to generate initrd at install, as it is now with mkinitrd, but with dracut instead.

BTW, I used the "generic" version to boot.  It seemed to work okay, other than some cosmetic LF vs. CRLF issues with the boot messages.

I've made some guesses and read between some lines here.
How much is wrong?

Thanks for any info.

if it is what i _hope_ it is, it's an initrd to be used if the system is moved to a different hardware. (so that os will still boot. then we can build a hardware specific initrd, aka optimized.) but i'm just trying to guess here :)

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