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Re: Deltaisos for Fedora 12 Alpha TC -> RC1

On 08/16/2009 10:00 PM, Andre Robatino wrote:
> I'm creating torrents for deltaisos for the three F12 Alpha RC1 DVD
> images (i386, x86_64, and ppc).  These require that you already have the
> corresponding TC image either as an ISO or on DVD.  The i386 is already
> available, the other two will follow in a few hours.  The i386 diso is
> 13.5% of the size of the full RC1 ISO.  The torrents will be available at
> http://thepiratebay.org/user/andre14965/

All three torrents are now available from the above URL.  The sizes,
percentages of full ISO size and MD5 hashes for the deltaisos are

i386: 413.37 MiB, 13.5%, 5db295d1cb0422d1739780ec2a7bdd34
ppc: 443.14 MiB, 12.3%, 1e3e34866cc26179d7608eb756e51de2
x86_64: 391.28 MiB, 11.6%, d9f9b9e206e95b4ff56f83e34738991f

If the torrents won't download fast enough, let me know and I'll try to
find a file hosting service to put them on.  Also, anyone who already
has both the TC and RC1 images for a given arch can use the makedeltaiso
command to generate the deltaiso file and start seeding without
downloading first.  I believe that either F11 or Rawhide with an updated
rpm package is necessary since only the newer versions of rpm understand
the new XZ payload compression.  I created the disos on my updated F11 box.

P.S. I edited


to include the above URL.

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