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Re: test days live image creation guide

----- "Bruno Wolff III" <bruno wolff to> wrote:

> I happened to read this during the Spins SIG meeting and mentioned it
> there.
> We are going to try to keep your ks file in the spins kickstart git
> repository.
> The idea is to have a base qa test day ks file, that testers can add
> a
> few packages to more easily.
> We can drop it later if you end up not liking it. I'll add a link to
> it from the wiki after I have it set up.

Hello Bruno,
that's great. It haven't occurred to me that you could want to include
it to upstream. Perfect.

I believe we should polish a few things before committing it upstream, 
but if you don't mind that I file a ticket for you with a new script 
version occasionally, then it can be included right away.

Currently we (the QA team) should sort out what additional repos we
will want to include by default and also do something with the desktop
link to IRC channel (the Fit-n-Finish team wouldn't be probably pleased
to have desktop link to our and not their IRC channel on the desktop
by default :)). I will try to deal with these issues in another mail.


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