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Automated Bug Reporting Tool TESTDAY (2009-08-20)

Hello, friends!

TestDay for Automated Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) 
will be hold at this Thursday, 2009-08-20.

This tool should help non-power users with bug reporting of crashes.
Ease of crash/bug reporting and quick response from maintainers 
based on info from ABRT should make Fedora more stable and thus
more attractive for users.

So it looks like this is very important tool and that is
why we want you to come and help testing.

What is needed to be able to help: download our ABRT Live TestCD
or install ABRT on fully updated Rawhide or even Fedora 11.

We have prepared ABRT TestDay page with all important info:

We are looking forward to see you this Thursday!

 David Pravec and Kamil Paral on behalf of Fedora QA team

    Someone asked me once if  I knew the difference
     between a civilian and a citizen.  I know now.
      A citizen has the courage to make debugging
           their personal responsibility. 

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