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F-12-Alpha-RC2 installation testing

Greetings folks,

Apologies for the short-notice.  However, there was an issue encountered
during the composition of the F-12-Alpha-RC1 images that resulted in
missing jidgo images.  Release engineering has rebuilt the same package
set to provide those missing jidgo images. 

While no package content has changed, a changed ISO image still warrants
some love.  I have created a scaled down RC2 test results matrix for
those interested in assisting with validation F-12-Alpha-RC2 media.  YOu
can find that test matrix at

= Hey, I just already downloaded RC1 ... wth? =

Thanks for downloading RC1.  Don't worry, you're testing is still
needed.  Please continue to record results for non-boot media results
using the link in Liam's announcement (see below).

= Isn't it late for testing? =

It's never too late for testing :)  As is always the case, any issues
discovered will need to be sent through the alpha blocker meat grinder.
As we are at the doorstep of the Alpha ... bugs would certainly need to
be severity == urgent.


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