2009-08-20 ABRT Test Day Report

David Pravec dpravec at redhat.com
Mon Aug 24 12:51:30 UTC 2009

2009-08-20 ABRT Test Day report

On Thursday 2009-08-20 we tested ABRT all the day.
Many testers from different department of Red Hat and Fedora community 
came to help with testing (~30 active testers). 

ABRT developers Zdeněk Přikryl (zprikryl), Jiří Moskovčák (jmoskovc) 
came to help users with testing and even produced new versions
of ABRT during test day, which closed several  reported bugs.

Current Status of issues reported during test day:
Issues reported in Bugzilla:
518472 NEW  - abrt daemon crashes
518606 NEW  - Plug-ins from CCpp are not silent when using CCpp:application
518386 NEW  - Right click on applet hides the applet but does nothing
518413 NEW  - furious kerneloops reporting
518422 NEW  - abrt silently starts when plugin is configured but not installed
518457 NEW  - user configuration of plugins doesn't survive service restart
518498 NEW  - Segmentation fault in KerneloopsScanner while parsing oops
518420 NEW  - ordinary user's abrt-applet shows up for root owned crashes
518459 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - cannot use # in bugzilla password
518409 CLOSED NOTABUG - no item can be selected after clicked abrt-gui icon if other user's application crashes.
518465 CLOSED NOTABUG - RunApp do not work - abrt-plugin-runapp installed
518609 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - ABRT crashes if plug-in Mailx is in both CCpp and CCpp:application
518396 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - EnableOpenGPG option in abrt.conf takes no effect
518414 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - "CCpp:<program> = <plugin>" in /etc/abrt.conf does not work
518425 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - report window larger that screen (no horizontal scrolling)
518438 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - bugzilla plugin can't detect correct component for a bug
518488 CLOSED NEXTRELEASE - Missing %requires python-sexy - ImportError: No module named sexy

Issues reported in ABRT trac -- https://fedorahosted.org/abrt
75     NEW    abrt-gui allows "sending" report which is not in existing anymore
74     NEW    solve problem with old database during upgrade
73     NEW    catching crashes of custom applications

I would say that this testing day was very successful - it will help developers
to make ABRT work flawlessly for users, which is very important. Easy and good 
crashreporting should make debugging and updating software faster.

So we would like to say thanks to all who came and did their part.

     David Pravec & Kamil Paral

ABRT Test Day wiki with detailed information:

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