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F11 install - can I change nic mac address DURING install?

I have a question that I would like to know the answer to concerning the MAC
address of the network card during an F11 install.

I have a system where I would like to run an install over the network, but I
need to be able to change the MAC address during the install as the local
network authentication requires the MAC for an old machine that was
connected to the same network line in the past. I need to change the MAC to
the old machine that used to live on this line.

I know you can select network settings during the install and change the
hostname, and netmask, but I have not see a way to change the MAC address at
this point in an install.  I believe that F11 uses NetworkManager for
networking during the install but I don't know if you can talk to NM to do
this, or if there is a way to add parameters to the kernel line to achieve
this?  Or some other way to interrupt the normal install process to achieve
this objective. Ultimately if this cannot be achieved then I would have to
get a full DVD install without networking and then change the networking
after the install is complete but it would be easier and save time if I
could simply change the MAC address during the install process (eg using

Any (positive) suggestions gratefully received
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