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smolts.org wiki

So https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-08-27 suggests updating your smolt profile according to the instructions at http://smolts.org/smolt-wiki/Main_Page.

As of this writing, smolts.org/smolt-wiki/Main_Page is a bunch of links advertising themselves to be child porn, prefaced by the comment "This site is crazy." The history shows that all updates are from RFC1918 addresses, presumably from some internal proxies, so traceability seems lost. Also the undo link doesn't seem to undo anything. Maybe it's an anti-vandalism measure that insures the continuity of vandalism. I'd say smolts.org has some problems.

Is smolts.org a FedoraProject site or independent?

Are there any handy sources of info for the wiki that's *supposed* to be there?

BTW how reliable is the integrity of any profiles stored there? The profiles aren't stored in the wiki (I hope), but if one thing's wide open and unsupervised ... ?

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