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Bug Zappers Meeting Recap for 2009-08-25

Bug Zappers Meeting 2009-08-25 1500 UTC

Meeting Minutes:

Full log:

Meeting started by rjune__ at 15:06:54 UTC.

Meeting log
* roll call  (rjune__, 15:07:08)

* getting the semantics switchover added to qa calendar  (rjune__, 15:09:12)

This will have to wait until an agreed upon "system-wide" calendaring
solution is identified. Adamw will follow up and advise when further
information is available.

* Update on new version of triageweb  (rjune__, 15:23:30)

There will be no update on the triage metrics project until 18
September. The metrics are currently off-line. Comphappy will update on
progress 18 September, or sooner should information become available.

* Wifi triage started  (rjune__, 15:24:09)

rjune began triaging wifi associated kernel bug reports. rjune advised
that most reports appear to be in good order needing little or no
additional triage effort. rjune will look for other areas of kernel bug
reporting that could use more triage support.

* Creating the agenda and use of the meeting agenda list.  (rjune__,
  * LINK: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Meetings   (rjune__,
  * LINK: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers:meeting-agenda-list
(tk009, 15:38:05)

This discussion was about creating an SOP (guide) for agenda creation,
meeting administration and meeting documentation.
tk009 will announce a draft for review in 24-48 hours.

* Open Floor - Your topic here.  (rjune__, 15:45:50)

 * get zodbot to make the meeting announcement like other groups have
setup.  (tk009, 15:46:19)

It was decided this was a bad idea and dropped.
tk009 was reported to have left the meeting at this point in tears and
mumbling something about a pony.

 * (meeting) start time. (rjune__, 15:50:20)

rjune purposed the idea of starting the meetings 15 minutes later (1515
UTC) to accommodate the KDE SIG should their meeting run over time.
Given there is a meeting scheduled after ours, this change is not feasible.
We can review this in future should the need arise.

Meeting ended at 15:53:30 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
  * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* tk009 (73)
* rjune__ (63)
* adamw (59)
* arxs (20)
* mcepl (4)
* nirik (3)
* zodbot (3)
* axrs (0)

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