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Re: No waiting to press ENTER on f12 alpha install

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 05:49:19AM -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   i just burned a copy of f12a, popped it into a gateway mx7120
> laptop, saw the isolinux line, then a line that read something like:
> "press ENTER to continue the installation"
> but in less than a second, that line disappeared and the install
> process carried on.  why no wait until i press ENTER?  or perhaps at
> least a longer timeout?

If you're talking about the place to add entries like askmethod,
selinux=0 or things like that, which used to be put in at that line,
there should be another place where you see the options, install or
upgrade, rescue an installed system, and errm, something else which
escapes me, where it also says hit tab for further options or something
similar.  If you hit tab there, you can add such entries at the end of
the kernel line.  For example, if the last words in the kernel line are
rhgb quiet, hit tab, which puts you at the end (where you can see the
rhgb quiet), and add your options there.  (Without the word linux, so
that it would look like)

....rhgb quiet selinux=0


...rhgb quiet linux selinux=0

Note that right now, some of the options, such as askmethod, aren't
working yet.  (To be fixed in the next anaconda iteration, I believe.).

Scott Robbins
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