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Re: Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said: 
> This is not the only use case or even the most common one. Live CD's for
> example don't need a mail server. You can't expect desktop users to go
> and read root mail anyway. Unless there is something better, mail server
> just add to the startup time. A completely waste.

That's a lovely argument, and if we were talking about the live cd or
th desktop, it might actually have a point in this discussion. LiveCDs
and the desktop already include the base group, which defines a MTA.
Changing the core group does not change this.

The orginal question was that you get exim as the MTA if you only
install the Core group (uncheck everything).

> Fedora users installing it on a server (they do exist), especially as a
> a mail server are going to be way less than desktop users. We are just
> following a legacy here. It doesn't provide any real benefit at all to
> the large majority of users. Since some of the packages expect a mta,
> shove in ssmtp and be done with it.

Congratulations, you've now installed TWO mtas on every livecd install.


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