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Re: Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said: 
> > Except it changes the default for everyone to something with less
> > functionality, which I'm fairly sure we don't want to do after feature
> > freeze. Notably, ssmtp won't queue if you're offline, if I'm reading
> > the docs right.)
> If feature freeze is the only consideration preventing it from
> happening, then queue it for Fedora 13. Less functionality is perfectly
> fine unless there is a strong case that more of those features is
> actually being used by a majority in order to satisfy the nominal
> requirements of being a default package.

The entire reason that a MTA is dragged into the core group is for
things like cron. In the base group, at (and up until recently, logwatch.)

If you replace that with ssmtp, *out of the box all that mail is
dropped on the floor*. I don't think that's a reasonable position
to take by default.

(There are solutions here, of course - asking for an e-mail address for
each user, and asking which user is the admin. But we don't do that


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