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Re: Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

On 08/27/2009 03:32 AM, Adam Miller wrote:

> 1) We're not SUSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva or Debian so I don't see how their
> choice of MTA is relevant.

What other distributions and operating systems are doing is always going
to be relevant. We can learn from the positives but beyond that if
pretty much every other major distribution has moved away from sendmail,
we have less to share on bug fixes and other improvements. This is ok
for areas we are leading the development of, say PackageKit or
NetworkManager but we don't have major developers working on any mta, so
using what everyone else uses - in this case postfix wins by a large
margin is a good choice.

> 2) What exactly is the case for moving away from sendmail? Did it
> magically stop sending mail all the sudden?

It has never started sending mails for people who got lost in arcane m4
macros. I suffered through that brain damage for 2 years as a sys admin
in my previous job and I still think some of my nightmares are
associated with it. Both Postfix and Exim is way more easier for system
administration. The only real advantage for Sendmail is its legacy and
the fact that it was for atleast for a while a better known beast.


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