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Re: Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

On 08/27/2009 03:13 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> Then IMHO the solution is to get this information to the user via some
> other method so we don't require a MTA in the first place, not replace
> it with something that silently drops the email under the rug. 

What are those mails and why should I care about them as a desktop user?
They are for all practical purposes under the rug already.

> I think despite that many people won't care about this or need it it
> would be very very anoying for us to change it so this doesn't work
> without fixing the delivery in the first place. 

If you know enough to care, you are likely not going to be reading the
mails directly as root user but reconfiguring to send mails to the email
account of choice and a single package to flip over is hardly going to
take a few mins. If you are doing it for more than one system, kickstart
is going to take care of them. The people who are going to be doing this
just have to accept that the majority is going to benefit from not
running a mta and the tradeoff has to favor them instead.

> Perhaps as an easy step, cron (or cronnie or whatever) could just write
> this stuff to a log? 

Yeah, anything is better than what we have now which is just very sub
optimal for everyone involved.


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