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bad results from latest rawhide updates

The latest 2.6.31-0.180.rc7.git4.fc12.x86_64 starts booting,
but gradually crumbles to pieces and rolls to a stop.

I removed rhgb kernel option first thing, and original
F12 alpha kernel booted OK and screen mode very quickly
turned to some gazillion line tiny font mode, but it
did boot.

With latest updates, the screen mode doesn't change (it
stays in the BIOS default text mode), early on something
prints a stacktrace that goes past really fast, then it
just stops trying to run anything and sits there.

I thought I could retrieve the stack trace from the boot.log
file, but there is no boot.log file, so I have a feeling
the stack trace was from the Plymouth stuff trying to start.

This system has a radeon X700 Pro PCI-E video card. I've
seen a couple of other messages about X700, so maybe that
is the root cause.

The update also came with:


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