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Re: Announcing Fedora 12 Alpha

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 04:56:00PM -0600, Michal Jaegermann wrote:

> If somebody
> would bring that mythical "simple, small, lightweight, local
> delivery" MTA, and "you know where to look for full fledged servers
> if you need them", then I would not mind this as an installation
> default.  Only that such thing is so far appears to be missing
> (or esmtp can play here? I do not know).  

I was looking at that too last night. I don't *think* so, but the
documentation wasn't all that clear, at least late at night. 

I think that had the guy who was going to evolve ssmtp into bsmtp, or
perhaps bssmtp?, kept up with it, we would have had it.

Maybe it is not that hard
> to expand on an existing stuff but MTAs are famously devious beasts
> with serious security implications.

As the old joke goes in IRC.

personX: (angry at something)  God !!! %#(#@)(%*# $@#(!@

personY:  Please don't post your sendmail configuration in channel.  

Scott Robbins
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