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New BugZapper


My name is Sergey Rudchenko. I would be happy to join Fedora
BugZappers team and help making Fedora even better.

I'm 23 years old and I'm an experienced GNU/Linux user and (since
2001) a Fedora newbie. I have played with Fedora 9/10/11 a bit and now
I use the Fedora rawhide as my main system. I know, the alpha release
far not the best place for a newbie, but it's ok for me. Couple of
years I was living on pre-release ubuntu versions and had fun in
founding bugs&regressions as soon as their appear. Also it is a good
motivation if something doesn't work here and now, in your system :).

I would like to help Fedora with bug triaging. My occupation is
software development and I would like to fix some bugs myself. I plan
to get into fedora packaging too, a bit later.

I'm communicative and open for any discussions, feel free if you want
to contact with trough my email, IRC(serega on #fedora-qa) or jabber
(rudchenkos gmail com).

Best regards,
Sergey Rudchenko

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