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Re: New BugZapper

On 08/28/2009 01:21 AM, Sergey Rudchenko wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Sergey Rudchenko. I would be happy to join Fedora
> BugZappers team and help making Fedora even better.
> I'm 23 years old and I'm an experienced GNU/Linux user and (since
> 2001) a Fedora newbie. I have played with Fedora 9/10/11 a bit and now
> I use the Fedora rawhide as my main system. I know, the alpha release
> far not the best place for a newbie, but it's ok for me. Couple of
> years I was living on pre-release ubuntu versions and had fun in
> founding bugs&regressions as soon as their appear. Also it is a good
> motivation if something doesn't work here and now, in your system :).
> I would like to help Fedora with bug triaging. My occupation is
> software development and I would like to fix some bugs myself. I plan
> to get into fedora packaging too, a bit later.
> I'm communicative and open for any discussions, feel free if you want
> to contact with trough my email, IRC(serega on #fedora-qa) or jabber
> (rudchenkos gmail com).
> --
> Best regards,
> Sergey Rudchenko

Welcome to the group! I will approve your group membership in a
second. We've just updated the list of components which we'd like
BugZappers to work on as a priority, so there's lots available. The list


we'd recommend you pick a component from that list that you feel
comfortable working on, then contact its maintainer to say you'll be
working on triaging it, and ask if they have any tips or special
requests. Then read:


To see how the process works (I know that looks like a lot of pages, but
several of them are pretty short, and they all work together). Please do
join #fedora-bugzappers and ask if you have any questions or problems,
there's usually another team member around who can help you out. Thanks
a lot for volunteering your time! Do come out to the next meeting -
they're Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC - if you have the time, and we can welcome
you there.

TK009 =)

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