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Re: more rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) woes

On Fri, 28 Aug 2009 16:25:28 -0400 (AST)
John Broomfield <jbroomdip nic gp> wrote:

> > On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 03:28:05PM -0400, John Broomfield wrote:
> > > all" and then simply "yum update rpm" which also fails. Find below
> > > the whole output from it.
> > ....
> > > Updating:
> > >  prelink         i686   0.4.2-2.fc12
> > > rawhide   955 k rpm             i686
> > > 4.7.1-4.fc12                            rawhide   825 k
> > are seeing here "fc12" then you are in the wrong place.  First you
> > need to update rpm packages using Fedora 11 repos (updates,
> > updates-testing, whatever) , i.e. with 'rawhide' repos _disabled_,
> > and only then you can go back to rawhide.
> > 
> >    Michal
> Hi Michal and thanks for your patience with me. I've disabled the
> rawhide now, and only getting from the updates-testing repos, but it
> still shows fc12 in the name, and (as usual...) still bombs with the
> same error. How do I force to take fc11 from the updates-testing
> repos? (or shouldn't I be doing that?). Sorry for making a complete
> fool of myself here... :( John.

I haven't been following this thread, and I don't completely understand
the problem you are trying to work around, but if you want to install a
specific old version of a package, why don't you go to the repository
where it is, download it to your system, and use rpm to install it? 

rpm --force -Uvh name_of_package.rpm 

In your case the name of the package will be rpm-some-version.fc11, and
it should overwrite the fc12 version on your system.  This is actually
doing an update, though I think install will work too, --force is the
same as --oldpackage, --replacepkgs, --replacefiles.

Maybe there is some reason that won't work in this case (are there
incompatible files?). And using rpm like this isn't generally
recommended. But it might get you out of your jam.

A bigger sledgehammer is to use --nodeps as well, but that has severe
consequences.  man rpm

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