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Exim requires a separate CD image

Recently, there was a long discussion about including an MTA or not.  I
see that the default is now Exim.  However, what makes this very bad is
that, even if one unchecks everything, including base, it now requires
CD #1 AND CD #3.  The ONLY thing needed on CD #3 is Exim. 

Is it worth making an RFE.  Many people are still on dialup, and that
includes the US--often the cable and DSL companies don't want to bother
with some areas.  In addition, bandwidth limitation is becoming more and
more common. 

This would only affect those who want to do minimal installs.  As
anaconda still simply aborts if a package or two isn't working, if an
MTA must be included, then can't it be on the first CD?  

I don't even remember Exim being discussed in the thread, actually, it
seemed to be between postfix and sendmail. 

Those who are doing more or less typical installs will get their MTA--as
part of the discussion was what should a newcomer do, it doesn't become
an issue.  However, those who are doing minimalistic installs almost
certainly have an idea of what is involved with getting or not getting
messages, and can make the decision for themselves. 

Is this worth an RFE, or is it simply something that goes on while Alpha
more or less settles into what it will become? 

I am not joining the argument of whether an MTA should be included or
not.  My point is simply that if everything (including base) is
unchecked, and the only way to get an MTA is to put it on an extra CD,
then leave it out and let those who have enough knowledge to install
with less than the full set of CDs make their own decision. 

Scott Robbins
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