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> Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 5:30 PM
> Hello All,
> My name is Patrick Day, and I have been using Fedora
> for a few years now, and I absolutely enjoy working with
> it. I like it
> so much in fact that I have decided to contribute to the
> Fedora
> community. I have been a Software Test Engineer in many
> different
> facets for about 4.5 yrs, and
> as such I gained valuable experience in writing scripts,
> designing test cases,
> writing test plans, debugging, and programming (I will also
> join the Infrastructure project); I seek to contribute
> whatever I can. I am interested in
> the QA project because I would likr to refine and improve
> my testing knowledge, programming/debugging skills in
> general. If anyone has any questions about my
> experience please feel free to contact me.
> - Patrick
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Welcome to this community.


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