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On 12/10/2009 09:02 PM, may_you_have_a_happylife at wrote:
> hello all,
> I am really pleased to meet you on the Fedora project.
> My name is Manami Egawa from Japan,I work in computer manufactural 
> industry.I have been studying operating systems(including 
> windows,linux) and c++ for 2 years.
> I got to know linux when I was 18 years old,then I was very surprised 
> how useful it was,and gradually I felt I wanted to study it more and 
> more .
> I really appreciate making great programs,so now I would like to apply 
> to join the project.I want to work in a bug triage team.
> If you have something to tell , please feel free to contact me.
> I wrote my contacts below.
> thank you
> ---------
> Manami Egawa
> mana
> ---------
> contacts
> IRC:mana at
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Get Disney character's mail address on Yahoo! Mail 
> <>
Hello Manai and welcome to the group. I have sponsored your membership 
and will be sending you some reading links.

Thank you for helping out
Edward - TK009
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