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TK009 john.brown009 at
Tue Dec 22 13:18:28 UTC 2009

On 12/22/2009 08:13 AM, Stephanie Das Gupta wrote:
> Hello all,
> My name is Stephanie Das Gupta.  I go by the nick of stephdg on 
> I am living in Kolkata, India, but am originally from the US.
> My experience with Fedora is very limited. I have only started to use 
> Fedora since May. I currently use Fedora 10. I also a non-coding 
> contributor to KDE especially in the KDE-edu area regarding the India 
> specific content.
> I am looking at getting into Fedora QA and bug triaging, but I have no 
> idea how to get started really, or where to start. :) Any help would 
> be appreciated.
Hello again Stephanie =).

I am sending you a small reading list to help you get started. Also as a 
suggestion, you will want to think about upgrading to F11 or F12. F10 is 
no longer supported and therefore not ideal for triage work.

Edward (TK009)

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