Proposal for new QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Dec 23 01:00:07 UTC 2009

Hi QA team

I am Noriko Mizumoto, coming from Fedora Localization Project.
As we are in scheduling period, I'd like to propose new QA test to be 
created. Here is the detail.

I am quite new to QA activity, so it would be highly appreciated for 
your guidance.

For software translations, FLP translators work on PO file so they never 
know where particular string to be appeared in UI. The Build release 
packages for review allows translators to review their work in UI with 
the aspect of QA and to give a chance for correction.
This event have been proposed by FLSCo and approved by FESCo [1].

[Test Strategy]
This is the course of events order which can be found in the schedule [2].
1) Software String Freeze
(*Request f-dev-announcement for Build F13 pkgs with latest translation 
for L10n Review)
2) Software Translation Period (POT to PO)
3) Build F-13 collection packages for all language translators
4) Review and correct software translation in built UI
5) Software: Translation Deadline (PO Files complete)
6) Software: Start Rebuild all translated packages
7) Software: Rebuild all translated packages 	
8) Beta Freeze

At 3), all F13 packages will be built with latest translation by 
packagers. Then at the end of 3), Live Image needs to be crated for QA.

[Test Priority]

All components (packages) under F13 release [3].

[Test Pass/Fail Criteria]
The test will be completed at the deadline date.
See, 5) Software: Translation Deadline (PO Files complete)

7 Test Deliverables
* High quality of translation
* Bugs will be filed against package(s) which shows problem in 
translation [4].

[Test Cases]
"Instruction" for consistent test to be created and posted.

[Test Environment]

Packagers: Build packages with latest translation
Translators: QA test for translation quality
QA: Create Live image

See test strategy.

Package not built according to the schedule by packagers.
If this happens, that package will not display latest translation in UI 
making unable to review.
To prevent this, the request (shown with bracket in the above) will be 
sent to f-devel-announce before 3) Build F-13 collection packages for 
all language translators.




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