waiting for gstreamer?

Per Bothner per at bothner.com
Wed Dec 23 16:46:27 UTC 2009

On 12/23/2009 02:37 AM, Sergey Rudchenko wrote:
> On 12/23/2009 5:50 AM, Per Bothner wrote:
>> The problem is that neither amarok nor digikam nor rhythmbox
>> will start up. rhythmbox does nothing. The two KDE application
>> (run under Gnome and metacity) will put up a splash screen, and
>> then hang.
> Do you use GStreamer codecs from RPMFusion?

I believe so - at least the repo is enabled.
But that seems unlikely to be relevant, since the programs
hang while starting up (apparently trying to connect to
some sound server), before trying to play anything.  At least,
so I would think, knowing little about the sound system.
	--Per Bothner
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