Fedora mailing list migration

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Thu Dec 24 00:15:27 UTC 2009

Jon Stanley wrote:
> Over the last several years, there has been some contention about
> having Fedora mailing lists hosted on Red Hat infrastructure.  As
> previously announced[1], there was an effort to migrate the mailing
> lists onto Fedora infrastructure, however, due to a variety of
> factors, it has been very much delayed.
> I'm pleased to announce that we've selected a date(s) for this
> migration project, and are ready to implement it. On January 9 and 10,
> 2010, all Fedora related mailing lists that are currently hosted at
> redhat.com will be migrated to lists.fedoraproject.org. Red Hat has
> agreed to forward the mail for the old list name to the new list
> names, and continue hosting the archives at their current location.
> Additionally, all archives will be copied over to the new location as
> well. All new archives will only be present at the new location.
> We've decided to do this in one fell swoop rather than gradually as
> originally planned because we feel it to be in the interest of our
> community to have much pain at one point, rather than small amounts of
> pain spread out over a long period of time. All of your mail filters
> that rely on the List-ID header will break on these days, and
> adjustments on your part will be required.  We apologize for the
> inconvenience.  For your convenience, I've posted a mapping of old
> list names to new list names [2] as well as a PDF version[3]

I can't reply to fedora-list as I'm not subscribed to it.

 From the changeover I will cease to receive the emails unless they're 
sent via Red Hat's service.

The reason is that I have a very effective antispam rule in place. It 
works like this:
Email from selected servers is forwarded directly via my firewall using 
a DNAT rule to an internal mail server. This server relays email for my 
other domains so that email for, for example, js.id.au is deliverable.

Mail from other sources is handled directly by my mail server at 
js.id.au and that does not relay email for, for example, 

These measures means that nobody outside of Red Hat and a few other 
places can send email to debian at herakles.homelinux.org and in 
consequence  get no spam at that or other lists I use for mailing list 

I'm not particularly upset at it, I think my four decades in computing 
is about enough, and it's time to turn my attention to other interests.

I know I have offended people, it's never been my intention to do so. I 
may disagree strongly with your point of view, but I've always tried not 
to denigrate people with whom I disagree.

An example where  I know I offended someone, an American, but not on 
this list, is when I described him (and myself) as penurious.

I was very surprised when he took offence, so I checked its dictionary 
meaning. I found I did not misuse the word, that as I used it it is not 
offensive. The problem is that its primary meaning in Australia isn't 
recognised as a meaning at all in America. In Australia, penurious means 
impoverished, in USA it's miserly, mean, stingy.

So those whom I have offended, can I suggest you attribute it to a 
cultural difference? When your primary language is English, there's no 
guarantee you will correctly understand what an Australian is saying, 
and if your primary language is Hindi, Farsi, Urdu, or even German, 
French, your chances are pretty dismal.

Here's an example I found:
Let's say you’re an American male on a visit to Australia and you meet 
this dinki-di Aussie sheila.

You click, and she wonders if you can meet her later, say at 5pm, near 
the lifts by the chemist’s on the first floor of the Oz Building.

"No worries, mate," you say, having already picked up that Aussie 

For a full explanation of what's going on, see 



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You cannot reply off-list:-)

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