Improve preupgrade test case - Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space for review

He Rui rhe at
Thu Dec 24 02:42:45 UTC 2009

On 12/22/2009 09:59 PM, James Laska wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 14:13 +0800, He Rui wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> As we know, preupgrade test[1] used to test by upgrading a system
>> which contained one kernel. However, in the real world, users often
>> install at least 2 kernels before upgrading to a new version. In such
>> case, the disk space in /boot is just enough for preupgrade to
>> download the installer but not quite enough to run the installer and
>> install the new kernel after reboot. Therefore,  the test should
>> include having more kernels installed in /boot to more accurately
>> reflect what real-world users will be starting from.
>> So, Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space case[2] was added to reflect this.
>> In the test case, two kernels are installed on the previous system for
>> updating. As expected results, the users should be prompted with a low
>> disk-space warning, and removing older kernels allows the upgrade to
>> proceed beyond the low disk-space warning.
>> Please refer to Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space[2] for detailed
>> information. Welcome everyone to review it and give comments.
> Looks great.  We can get fancy and verify preupgrade handling at each of
> the different disk space checks.  And that might be something useful we
> do if we host a pre-upgrade test day.  But for the common case, and the
> issue that surfaced near the end of F-12, I think you've captured it
> nicely.
> Thanks,
> James
Thank you, James. Then I'll finish the review of this test case, and 
create new cases for different disk space checks in /boot for a test day 



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