Improve preupgrade test case - Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space for review

Bruno Medeiros brunojcm at
Wed Dec 30 19:09:00 UTC 2009

>>>  Thank you, James. Then I'll finish the review of this test case, and
> create new cases for different disk space checks in /boot for a test day
> later.
I think there should be a test case for /boot partitions with reserved space
for root user.
When i updated two fedora 10 boxes to fedora 12, i got errors like 'You need
to free up 0M' after restart (problably because preupgrade/anaconda wasn't
taking n their counts the reserved space for the root). I did a lot o things
trying to fix that (like said in Fedora common bugs), but I think the step
that fixed my problem was the 'tune2fs' one.

Thanks and sorry for the poor english!
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