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Release-critical bug process?

Hi, guys. This is me, not working. ;)

I just had a great chat with fcami on IRC, and all sorts of interesting
issues came up. One I definitely want to focus on, though, is
release-critical bugs.

He suggested that there may not be a definitely release-critical bug
process for Fedora releases. This struck me as highly worrying.

What I mean by a process is this:

* There should be a release_critical status in Bugzilla that is
respected. A new Fedora release should not be made unless all
release_critical bugs are (ideally) fixed or at least specifically
addressed in some way (I can provide more details on that later).

* There should be a group that is recognized as being in charge of
release_critical bugs. They arbitrate what is release_critical and what
is not, and they track this on a weekly or daily basis (depending where
we are in the release schedule) and co-ordinate with RelEng on getting
the bugs fixed.

Is this, currently, the case? If not, what is the release-critical
process? What do you guys think about this? Should we have a process?
Should it be as I described? Who should be in charge? (I would say


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