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Re: Rawhide dailies on USB drive

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 09:37:43 -0500,
  Christopher Beland <beland alum mit edu> wrote:
> Partly in reply to Adam's message on "QA group activities + goals
> discussion"...
> One thing that might help get more people running Rawhide is the
> ability to do so from removable media.
> For example, just now I wanted to test some hardware-specific bugs on
> my laptop, but this is the computer I use every day, so I don't want
> to risk installing Rawhide on it.  I just went onto the wiki to find
> out how to create a Rawhide LiveUSB, and it looks like that's not
> possible for the daily updates.  So I'll use the alpha release, but
> this is a few weeks out of date and if developers release fixes into
> daily Rawhide, I won't be able to test them until the beta release.

If you are only going to do very occasional tests, using an alpha live
spin and when available, beta and preview spins is a reasonable way to go.

If you want to do this a lot, you should probably be maintaining your
own local mirror using rsync and using livecd-creator to make spins.
These will be for cds / dvds, but there is a program to convert these
to a liveusb image.

You could have most of it scripted and use cron to run it when you aren't
actively doing stuff  and have a reasonably current version ready to test
when you wanted.

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