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Re: Report bugs in Bugzilla (not just the mailing list)

Christopher Beland wrote:
I wrote the following at:

Thank you for the pointer for submitting bugs for Fedora. I had not realized it was the same as for RHEL, which I had done once, having found a problem via Centos.

So now I have updated my expired password to Bugzilla and weighed in on IPv6 being broken in FC10.

Now you might not consider this breaking IPv6 for FC10, but I do as I am trying to run a network with all IPv6 and limit how much my 6to4 gateway has to do.

Bugs need to be filed in Bugzilla. People on IRC and fedora-test-list
can help you diagnose a bug, determine the scope of a bug (who else is
seeing it), decide what component to file against, and know whether or
not the behavior you see is intentional. If a bug is reported on the
mailing list and not Bugzilla, then the right developer might not see
it, might lose the e-mail, or might forget about the report. The
Bugzilla database organizes reports so they are not lost, groups
comments in one place for easy reference, and to make it easy to find
reports so other testers don't make duplicate reports.

A common practice is to file a bug first, then e-mail the list with a
link to the bug report, asking for further assistance. Many bugs are
also filed with no e-mail to the mailing list, so be sure to search
Bugzilla for your problem. <<

I hope the advice given is accurate and wise; corrections and
clarifications are welcome.

I have recently seen a number of reports being sent to the mailing
list which haven't gotten any reply.  I hope that reporters know
enough to file these reports in Bugzilla; as far as I know, no one is
combing the fedora-test-list archives to find bugs that have fallen
through the cracks.

I adapted this text from [[Testing]] so that it could become a
redirect to [[QA/Join]], since people wanted Testing to go away
entirely (which makes sense).
is probably a better place for these two paragraphs, so that everyone
who signs up for the mailing list will see them.  But this page is not
on the wiki, so I can't edit it.

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