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QA review for feature pages - Help get new features into Fedora!

Hi folks,

The feature freeze is coming soon[1], and that means we need to check to
make sure all the new ans exciting features coming in F11 are

Here's a list of all the F11-approved features that haven't been
reviewed yet:

The wiki pages should tell you a bit more, but basically, we need to
make sure that each feature has two major things:

1) Scope
The Scope section is supposed to list the *complete* set of changes to
be made, features to be added, etc. Basically: it needs to tell you
what's going to change - what packages, what config files, and so on.

If the Scope section is vague, incomplete or missing, add this to the
bottom of the Feature page:
[[Category:Features with incomplete scope]]
And add a comment on the 'discussion' page. Be sure to put "--~~~~" at
the end of your comment - this will add a signature for you.

2) How To Test
This part should tell you how to check everything listed in the Scope
section. It should have a complete list of detailed instructions that
you (or I or anyone on fedora-test-list) can follow to test the feature.

If you can't follow the directions in the How To Test section to confirm
whether or not the Feature is working, add this to the bottom of the
Feature page:
[[Category:Features with incomplete test plans]]
And add a comment on the discussion page, as mentioned above.

If both these sections are complete and accurate and useful, add:
[[Category:QA approved feature pages]]
to the bottom of the page.

This information will be used to decide which features are ready for F11
and which ones aren't. If there's a feature you're keen to see in F11,
you can help - go review its feature page! 

If the scope or test plan are incomplete, *please* ask the feature owner
what they're changing and how you can test it. You can help them write
those sections, which helps everyone else test *and* helps FESCo decide
whether to keep the feature or not. Everyone's a winner!



[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/11/Schedule

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