Triage of Bugs from the packages of the Critical Path Components

Niels Haase arxs at
Tue Jul 14 18:08:16 UTC 2009


as discussed at the previous bugzappers meeting i created a list of
components from the critical path proposal [1].
You can find the list here [2]  (note, some of the 'old' items from
the current [[BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers]] are currently
missing, this needs to be fixed)

The packages contained in the list, are based on the output of the
script from wwoods [4]
This script resolves the dependencies from the three critical path
groups @core, @critical-path-base, and @critical-path-gnome.
I wrote a second script, that uses this output to build the wiki page.

This causes two main problems.
There are approx 500 packages to triage. Well, this means we are not
running out of work for new triagers :)

The list is not static, the dependencies are changing if the base
package groups are changing.

One possible solution is to build groups and assign them to triagers.
For example: Networking
This will have all networking relevant components in it, NM, s-c-n,
wpa_supplicant and so on.
Which will bring us to the next task, build groups for the components.
Hope to get some responses with group suggestions which we can discuss
further at the next Bugzilla metting (20090721 @ 15:00 UTC at
#fedora-meeting on IRC)



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