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Re: Bugzilla semantics: marking bugs as triaged

Adam Williamson said the following on 07/21/2009 09:33 AM Pacific Time:
I present three options:

1) Leave everything unchanged, both in Bugzilla and in the workflow
definition. Encourage components which currently use ASSIGNED in a
non-standard way to use ON_DEV or no state change, as discussed above.

2) Change practice for Bugzappers going forward: from some date forward,
all triaged bugs should have the Triaged keyword set rather than being
changed to ASSIGNED. Do not change anything about any existing bugs.

Based on the 1.5 years I've been involved in this process and tried to help make it better, I think this is the best solution and provides the least amount of potential "disruption" going forward.

I disagree with the anecdotal evidence that has been presented about the disruptive affects of the BugZappers and the magnitude of this problem that this perceived problem that has caused resulting in some groups to opt-out. That being said I think it is time to try out option #2 and move forward.

Indicate that a bug has been triaged by using the "Triaged" keyword on a go-forward basis.

3) Change practice for Bugzappers going forward, as in proposal 2), and
also attempt to convert existing bugs by adding the 'Triaged' keyword to
all bugs in ASSIGNED status on all components which are currently
actively triaged.

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