WANTED: Fedora KDE QA Testers

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Wed Jul 22 01:36:18 UTC 2009


in KDE SIG, we currently have most of the roles in the packaging workflow 
* packagers (several)
* triager (tuxbrewr a.k.a. SMParrish)
* rel-eng member (rdieter)
* live CD maintainer (svahl)
but there's an important role missing: testers!

Of course, the purpose of this e-mail is not to discourage anybody wanting 
to help us in some other area, additional help is always welcome. However, 
one or more testers would be really needed, as currently all of the testing 
falls either on us developers or on some users who just quickly test one 
thing. It would be great to have dedicated testers, also in light of the new 
critical path QA which was recently decided by FESCo.

Being a tester has a much lower barrier to entry than most other forms of 
contribution, you just need:
* some HD space to install test systems to
  (ideally, you'd have Rawhide, Fn and Fn-1 on at least one machine each,
   but even just testing one release is helpful)
* some spare time.
  (Of course, we cannot and will not expect you to work full time on this!
   We know unpaid volunteers' time is limited. Several of us KDE SIG
   members, me included, are not paid to work on Fedora either.)
No programming, drawing, technical writing etc. skills are required.

If you sign up, you will be volunteering with the KDE SIG and the QA 
project. You will get more directions from the KDE and QA teams, but 
basically your tasks will include trying to reproduce bugs, doing some basic 
functionality testing of updates (especially critical ones) to test for 
regressions, and similar things. While not strictly required, attending the 
KDE SIG and QA meetings on IRC would be helpful.

If you are interested, please reply to this call for help. (The reply should 
be going to the fedora-kde mailing list.) You can also contact us on 
#fedora-kde on FreeNode IRC.

Note that this is a call for volunteer help, NOT A PAID JOB OFFER!

        Kevin Kofler

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