Rawhide - not quite usable at the moment

Birger Wathne birger at birger.sh
Sun Jun 28 19:13:30 UTC 2009

Just a quick list of the instabilities and errors I see quite immediately in
the current rawhide. It seems like I have finally found a way to send email,
so I will hopefully be able to access bugzilla as well so I can report each
bug more formally... :-/

This is with x86_64 on HP EliteBook 2530p with 4GB RAM and 80GB SSD

Firefox crashes as soon as I try to submit a new bug in bugzilla, send email
from imp, and quite a few other activities.

evolution crashes on startup.

powertop tells me I'm spending 55.3% of the time in c0, when I used to have
95-98% in c6. 95.5% of wakeups are kernel core, where it used to be the wlan
that kept numbers up. I'm drawing 22.5W where I used to be below 10W, my
fans are constantly on, and the system gets very hot.

I lost all DNS a few days ago, but editing /etc/nsswitch.conf and replacing
hosts:      files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns
hosts:      files dns
fixed that problem, so it seems mdns4_minimal is broken.

Oh, yes... plugging in the powercord hangs the system. resume hangs the system.

It suddenly dawned on me that if wine still worked firefox in wine would
probably work, and it did. It's now the only stable application i have that
I know of :-)


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