Fedora Bugzilla Statistics 2009-05-26 - 2009-06-01

Brennan Ashton bashton at brennanashton.com
Tue Jun 2 07:32:23 UTC 2009

As some of you may have heard over in Bugzappers we are developing
some metrics applications for bugzilla to help us recognize testers,
developers, and other contributors to the project.  This is the first
week that we are semi confident that the results are correct, although
there is some concern we are missing some of the bugs causing the
count to be low.  If any of you see something that looks wrong let me
know and I will try to track down the issue.  Also if there is
information that you would like in this report that is not in here
already let me know and we can see about adding it.

==Top 5 Triagers==
(score is the total number instances where the user has changed any

Steven M. Parrish 133
Matej Cepl 62
Adam Williamson 16
Thomas Janssen 10
Jon Dufresne 4
Paul W. Frields 4

==Top 5 Bug Closers==

Steven M. Parrish 49
Chris Lumens 21
Jens Petersen 14
Michael Schwendt 13
Matej Cepl 12
Lillian Angel 12

==Top 5 Bug Reporters==

Rahul Sundaram 59
Vitezslav Crhonek 13
Gerry Reno 13
Xose Vazquez Perez 10
Tomas Hoger 10
Jussi Lehtola 10

==Top 5 Components Closing Bugs==
inn 18
kdemultimedia 	11
avahi 9
sblim-cmpi-base 8
kdebase-workspace 7
Package Review 7

There is much more information that can be pulled via a turbogrears
app we are running.  But I am looking to see what is useful in terms
of a weekly report.  I have the date tuesday to tuesday as it matches
up with the Bugzappers meeting time.

Best Regards,
Brennan Ashton

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