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DVD deltaisos available for Preview -> Final

There are now DVD deltaisos for i386, ppc, and x86_64 available to go from Preview to Final.


Fedora-11-Preview-i386-DVD.iso -> Fedora-11-i386-DVD.iso:


MD5 bb331ef1dd9eb614e91d5b77898f29a0
size = 235,922,711 bytes (6.4% of full ISO)


Fedora-11-Preview-ppc-DVD.iso -> Fedora-11-ppc-DVD.iso:


MD5 2359cad6f8127c512604afc7ea732dc7
size = 275,230,124 bytes (6% of full ISO)


Fedora-11-Preview-x86_64-DVD.iso -> Fedora-11-x86_64-DVD.iso:


MD5 00a7cc7936981f4e827f4119d2e409d5
size = 242,867,148 bytes (5.7% of full ISO)


To apply them, one needs the Fedora 11 Preview DVD image, either as an ISO file, or on an actual DVD. The deltarpm package, which provides the makedeltaiso and applydeltaiso commands, must also be installed. If one has the ISO file, run the command

applydeltaiso oldiso deltaiso newiso

where the 3 arguments are the names of the Preview ISO, the deltaiso from the above links, and the Final ISO, resp. If one has the Preview on an actual DVD, just put the DVD in the drive and replace the oldiso argument with "/dev/dvd" (without quotes). On my box with a 2.7 GHz CPU, the applydeltaiso command took approximately 15 minutes, 25 minutes, and 20 minutes for i386, ppc, and x86_64, resp. It takes slightly longer if running off an actual DVD instead of an ISO file.

I also created deltaisos to go from F10 Final to F11 Final on i386, ppc, and x86_64, but due to their size I haven't uploaded them. The statistics are as follows, with applydeltaiso times measured on my box. (In some cases, generating them with makedeltaiso took longer, but that doesn't affect the end user.)

size = 3,009,734,924 bytes (81.7% of full ISO)
time to run applydeltaiso: 15 minutes

size = 2,298,836,252 bytes (49.9% of full ISO)
time to run applydeltaiso: 60 minutes

size = 2,428,936,542 bytes (56.9% of full ISO)
time to run applydeltaiso: 43 minutes

Normally each of these would be approximately half the size of the full ISO (this was in fact the case going from F9 Final to F10 Final). F11's i586 package rebuild affected the deltas for i386 and x86_64, with i386 affected severely due to a high percentage of i586 packages (although the fast apply time might make it worthwhile anyway).

Anyone who has the corresponding DVD images for both F10 Final and F11 Final can generate these using the makedeltaiso command (see the man page). If there were torrents for some or all of these at torrents.fedoraproject.org, then any such person could generate the torrent contents themselves and immediately begin seeding, without having to download first.

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