Issues with the Live CD requirement for separate /boot

Scott Robbins scottro at
Tue Jun 9 23:23:30 UTC 2009

Judging from the forums, the fact that the Live CD requires an ext3
/boot and ext4 / is catching a lot of people by surprise. 

Is there any chance of some mention of it on the main page's download

While it may be in the release notes and/or FAQ, many people are simply
distro hoppers who see there's a new version mentioned on slashdot or
distrowatch, and will simply download the live CD, as it's smaller, and
run into the issue.  Distro hoppers tend to just have one free partition
for their newest experiment.  (Also, many, many folks have a progression
of Windows=>Ubuntu=>Fedora, so they won't be expecting it, since the
majority of distros these days will either go to the newer grub or still
have ext3 as the default, especially the probably 50-100 that are based
on Ubuntu.)

I've put a sticky up on the forum, but of course, by the time they get
there, they've usually already been caught.  :)  

My own selfish concern is that I don't want to have to type a hundred
times on the forum, "Please see the sticky in the installation section."


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