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Re: gpk-application (and probably yum) updates

On Thu, 18 Jun 2009, cornel panceac wrote:

2009/6/16 cornel panceac <cpanceac gmail com>

      2009/6/16 Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay vladimiroff com>

            Actually there is a small meta file(repomd.xml) that tells if the repo was updated or not. If the
            repo was updated the whole primary.xml is downloaded. And crosschecked with your installed
            packages for updates. And if there are any matches then you have an update notificaton.

            If I'm not mistaken this is how basicly yum works(i may be wrong)

            If you just consider the timestamp and notify that there are updates if it changed. Then you have
            to go trough "Do you want to check if some of your installed packages were updated?" And most
            probably you'll get "Sorry, no updates yet" (unless you installed every single fedora parckage) .
            This creates pointless clicking and waste of time.

is there a way to check this? or is this documented anywhere?

as a side note: "Having Yum for Breakfast"


as a counter note:



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