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Fedora 11, Pulse Audio, Vmware

Does anyone know of a way to get pulseaudio to play nice with vmware.
Audio does not seem to work properly if pulseaudio is installed in a
vmware virtual machine. (I've seen the problem on VMware Server 2 for
Windows/Linux and VMware Fusion (sounds seem to play, but extremely fast
to the point where they sound more like static or screeching than
anything else)

Up until now I normally did yum remove pulseaudio to work around the
issue and get properly functioning audio, as I did not need pulseaudio.

However, in F11 the volume control applet appears to have been
deprecated. Removing pulseaudio causes audio to work as in passed
releases, however the new volume control applet stops working without
pulseaudio, making it a less than ideal solution.

Just looking for some ideas.


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